Collectively, Arcadia’s team has spent well over 50 years teaching, operating, leading, and governing K-12 schools across at least 6 states and a dozen cities. At the start of each year, we find that novice and returning classroom teachers frequently express the same concerns. It turns out that how their schools handle these apprehensions are a litmus test of whether school leaders know how to support their teachers in doing what we believe is a powerful vocational calling and the noblest of professions.

Top 5 Concerns of Classroom Teachers  

  1. Do my school administrators have my back?

In quality schools, teachers know that their principals aren’t just politicians who tell everyone what they want to hear and take whichever side is most convenient. They are compassionate, skilled “head teachers” who can be relied upon to speak the truth, go the extra mile to equip their teachers for classroom realities, always willing to support them in the face of dissent and adversity. Right now, the United States is navigating an era where principal integrity is being tested…and teachers are watching.  

  1. What kind of guides and support do I have for special needs students?

Every classroom teacher knows that one or two disengaged students can monopolize attention and effectively derail the focus of the entire class. When this happens, teachers must know that there are structured, responsive behavioral and educational supports. When these supports are being exercised correctly, teachers can concentrate on delivering their lesson plans and adapting instruction to individual scholars’ needs without seeing the teaching-and-learning agenda take a backseat to misbehavior.   

  1. What professional development opportunities will be offered this year to help me grow as a teacher?

As your school anticipates the forthcoming academic year, teachers are likely to harbor inquiries pertaining to a variety of school administrative operations. Newly inducted faculty, in particular, may require time to familiarize themselves with your school’s methodologies concerning lesson plan preparation, resource procurement, discipline enforcement, and specialized supports for students with unique needs. It is imperative that they understand such procedures are well-established and ready for action. 

  1. I just found out that student’s parents decided to bring him back again this year. Will he be in my section? What kind of disciplinary structures are there to support me and my classroom?

Prior to the commencement of the academic term, we urge school leaders to engage in lucid, detailed communication with the faculty, ensuring that they are well-versed in identifying the appropriate resources and individuals to consult for resolutions to any potential queries that may emerge during the initial chaotic weeks of school. 

  1. Will all the resources I need for my students and classroom be provided by the school, or do I need to purchase those myself?

While a comprehensive manual is invaluable, offering this information through oral communication before our cherished pupils set foot on campus can potentially forestall any feelings of agitation among teachers. Such a gesture demonstrates your empathy and regard for their well-being. Providing an academic calendar showcasing a spectrum of professional development opportunities further underlines your commitment to nurturing the personal growth of our educators. Equally, delineating the protocols for student discipline reflects your school’s investment in fostering a conducive learning environment within the classroom. 

Instructional delivery and student learning – everyone’s top priority. 

During quieter times, it is advantageous to deliberate on the manner in which school leadership intends to manage situations wherein teachers may face criticism from parents or fellow faculty due to contrasting viewpoints. Robust communication is pivotal to instill a sense of care and preparedness in teachers for the forthcoming academic year. 

Do you feel like your school communication needs improvement, or your procedures need tightening? Arcadia Education’s team of expert professionals has walked in your shoes and stands ready to help!