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Operations is a basis of school culture. When a school, charter management organization, or diocese is dysfunctional in practical matters, cultural dysfunction is sure to follow. Because a healthy organization depends on happy and supported adults, Arcadia helps you build an operational infrastructure conducive to success.

If you’re an educational leader, Arcadia can help you identify the redundancies or inefficiencies that are holding your school back—and help you implement the operational systems you need to drive transformational growth.

Our Principal Offerings

Operational Efficiency Analysis

A comprehensive audit and review of your institution’s operational processes and workflows, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for potential improvement. This service allows us to weave together the practicalities of day-to-day tasks with the aspirational tenets of your mission. Our operational efficiency analysis not only sharpens the tools your institution employs in its daily operations, but also ensures that these tools are wielded with intentionality and expertise. This service turns each operational challenge into a stepping stone toward fulfilling your institution’s grander mission.

Transition to a Classical Model

Transcending the chasm between present circumstances and a vision splendidly steeped in the classical tradition is no mere act of will; it is an undertaking that calls for comprehensive discernment. Arcadia will begin by meticulously analyzing your current educational model, including teaching methodologies, curricular design, grading systems, and extracurricular activities, to assess compatibility with the principles of classical education. We then assist in artfully developing and aligning a classical curriculum that harmonizes not only with the academic but also the moral virtues, evoking the higher notes of prudence courage, and integrity. Arcadia will work with you to develop an architectural blueprint that outlines the essential elements of the classical trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy). We will supply a rigorously vetted list of texts, materials, and resources that reflect the intellectual and ethical imperatives of classical education and provide techniques and approaches tailored to implement the classical model, aimed at nurturing both the intellect and character.

Teacher & Principal Training Programs

A school is only as robust as its faculty and staff—the custodians of culture, the stewards of scholarship, and the caretakers of character. Arcadia’s teacher and principal training service aims to help you build a training program that resonates with your institution’s ethos and vision. We provide an infrastructure that allows these intellectual artisans to hone their craft and cultivate their professional acumen.

Process Workflow Mapping, Design, & Development

In the labyrinthine intricacies of a school’s daily operations, each process is a path leading to a particular outcome. But not all paths are equally efficient, clear, or even necessary. Arcadia’s process workflow mapping, design, & development service acts as both cartographer and architect, charting the existing terrains and then redesigning them for optimal navigation. We will conduct a process inventory of existing processes/standard operating procedures to identify any bottlenecks and inefficiencies and then conduct a RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) analysis to recommend an implementation plan for redesigned and improved process workflows.

School Security

The services include school physical security assessments, security team assessments, and various training programs. The assessments cover facility, policies, and personnel evaluations, while the training ranges from individual skills to collective team exercises, covering areas such as situational awareness, first aid, and conflict management.

Policy & Procedures Implementation

The policies and procedures of a school serve as the bedrock upon which the institution’s integrity, effectiveness, and longevity are built. Arcadia’s services ensures that every guideline and procedure is crafted to fit with the unique dimensions of your institution’s mission, culture, and operational needs.

Change Management

Schools are complex service-driven institutions, akin to hospitals and healthcare conglomerates but typically with fewer financial resources. To help clients adapt to rapidly changing conditions, Arcadia’s team takes a structured approach to assist with institutional transitions, address cultural shifts, guide employees through restructurings, and integrate advanced systems.

Shared Services Model

Utilizing a shared services model aligns your educational network with a centralized hub for services such as human resources, finance, and procurement. Arcadia lends its team expertise to orchestrate this transformation with meticulous planning and execution.

Efficiency Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

Identification and tracking of key performance indicators specific to your operational needs, providing measurable objectives for continuous improvement.

Staff and Resource Allocation

Data-driven recommendations for optimal allocation of human and material resources to various operational tasks and departments.

Professional Development Programs

Tailored training sessions, workshops, and seminars aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of your educational team.

Through these principal offerings, we bring lessons learned from the charter management sector to help leaders apply efficient enterprise-level solutions to their school operations. Whether you’re starting a school or overseeing an educational network, Arcadia Education works alongside you to plan, build, and execute the operational practices you need to achieve excellence. Love your mission again. We’ll help you build the operations it deserves.