Business Planning

Business Planning

The education sector is volatile. Since the Pandemic, parents have been on high alert, and their expectations have increased. The competitive landscape is changing fast with heightened competition among many more providers. Whether you’re opening a new school, expanding a network of schools, entering a new community, or just increasing your school’s enrollment, acting on solid intelligence is more important than ever before. Arcadia’s team helps entrepreneurs and expereinced school leaders determine how best to set organizational direction and execute effectively so that their schools can thrive.

Our Principal Offerings

Market Research & Analysis

The school-age population is more diverse than ever before socioeconomically, religiously, politically, and ideologically. Arcadia’s team conducts rigorous research into market demographics. Our clients gain an in-depth understanding of where market realities are moving, helping to inform consequential decisions on everything from curriculum design and extracurricular offerings to high-yield social media and community outreach. By aligning your school’s unique strengths with the right market opportunities, we can ensures that you bring your vision and mission to the families that want what you have to offer.

Competitive Positioning 

The competitive field has grown to include a wide range of public and private providers, from online academies and microschools to charter operators, traditional public schools, and homeschool coops. Yet America’s school-age population is projected to shrink in all but a handful of states. Arcadia’s team equips you with the competitive knowledge and marketing resources to thrive in an environment of rapidly expanding school choices and sharp competition.

Financial Planning

Education institutions are juggling many demands. It is easy to get stretched thin – struggling to make ends meet spread across far too many financial commitments. Through our financial planning services, Arcadia’s team helps clients recenter. We recognize that allocating precious financing to the right priorites in the right ways multiplies the resources at your disposal, from leadership expertise and specialized talent to fundraising growth and volunteer contributions. Through expert financial planning, we help you craft a sustainable business model, grow your revenue streams intelligently, conserve operating expenses, and achieve your financial goals.

Enrollment Demand

As the landscape becomes crowded, more and more providers are competing for a static or shrinking pool of eligible students. To help you build demand, we evaluate enrollment and demographic trends across your school’s service region, then assist you in defining your brand identity, market position, competitive differentiators, and outreach strategies to win families and build loyalty. 

Business Model Development

Arcadia specializes in assiting clients in crafting and refining a business model that aligns with your school’s overerall vision, educational philosophy, and goals. Services include exploring different scenarios for growth, modeling tuition levels and other revenue assumptions, ramping up fundraising, and accessing auxiliary income opportunities.

Long-Term Financial Forecasts

In our experience, many clients know where they want to take their schools, but don’t know how to allocate limited financial resources to get there. By evaluating historical financials, refining revenue streams, and identifying new ways to earn income while cutting costs, we build data-driven financial projections to help clients capture income, reduce expenses, and strengthen their cash flow position.

Capital Planning and Asset Management

We advise clients on how to maximize the utilization of their school’s assets, including talent/HR, real estate, equipment, capital projects, and programmatic improvements.

Budgeting and Resource Allocation

We help clients establish annual budgets that align with their long-term strategic goals. We advise clients on how best to allocate resources to achieve maximum impact.

Compliance and Risk Assessment

We ensuring that our clients’ financial plans adhere to regulatory requirements and factor in potential risks to long-term financial health.


Performance Metrics and KPIs

We enable clients to identify and implement processes to routinely measure the efficacy of financial  and performance-management strategies against their institution’s mission, vision, and goals.

Stakeholder Communication Plans

Arcadia’s team assists clients in designing and implementing communication strategies to engage, align, and maximize support from stakeholders, including board members, faculty, parents, donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

Grants and Fundraising Strategy

Through a close partnership with AmPhil, an affiliated philanthropic consulting firm, we assist clients in crafting effective fundraising campaigns and identifying grant opportunities that align with their schools’ mission, priorities, committed patrons, and vested communities.

PK-20 Trend Analysis

Arcadia’s team tracks and interprets local and national educational trends, including population trends, technological innovations, and pedagogical shifts, to ensure that clients remain at the forefront of sector advancements and market opportunities. We specialize in looking up and down the PK-20 education continuum, from early childhood to higher education and corporate partnerships, to find new opportunities and accretive resources.

SWOT Analysis

We assist clients in undertaking exercises to identify institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (S.W.O.T.) in the context of the current market landscape. Such exercises enable us to come alongside clients to discern, clarify, and strenghten their institutional positioning.

Community Engagement Plan

We assist clients in developing and exercising strategies to involve local communities and stakeholders in their schools’ mission and programs, building a solid foundation of support to ensure long-term sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance and Opportunities

We ensure that clients’ offerings and operations comply with local educational regulations while identifying available government grants, subsidies, and beneficial partnerships. In an education landscape where new policies, rules, and regulations are constantly coming into being, we help clients find ways to reinforce their autonomy and maintain their entrepreneurial edge without getting mired in red tape.

Through these principal offerings, we empower school leaders with the insights and strategies required to make data-driven decisions that align with their institution’s mission and the communities they serves. Rigorous business planning is the cornerstone upon which robust, mission-aligned growth strategies are developed and delivered.