Arcadia Education specializes in serving education institutions seeking to achieve and sustain excellence in K–12 education, including private, charter, classical, faith-based, and family-focused public schools, as well as nonprofit organizations working in this sector.

Over the past 20 years, Arcadia Education’s team has led, advised, and assisted many of the most successful K–12 institutions in America, including Great Hearts Academies, the Charter School Growth Fund, prominent CMOs, leading private schools, and numerous education policy and advocacy organizations.

We help clients understand and navigate emerging trends and changing market realities so that they can best position themselves to take advantage of an increasingly fluid, choice-driven, K–12 education sector.

The things that make good headlines are on the surface of the stream of life, and they distract us from the slower, impalpable, imponderable movements that work below the surface and penetrate to the depths. But it is really these deeper, slower movements that make history, and it is they that stand out huge in retrospect, when the sensational passing events have dwindled, in perspective, to their true proportions.”

Arnold J. Toynbee