Who We Are

Our mission is to help school leaders advance operational excellence so their schools, and the people within them, can flourish.

Our philosophy

When educational institutions combine their passionate and unyielding commitment to their core mission with a disciplined and mature culture and operating norms, they reach a harmony between form and substance—between how they work and what their work promises to provide.

This harmony is more than good for business. It is the essential balance that makes the workplace one where the dignity of the individual is honored and where relationships and culture can flourish. It is a kind of Arcadia. And it is what we help education institutions achieve.

Our Leadership

Arcadia’s leaders bring distinguished expertise in operational execution, academic leadership, organizational health, effective team building, executive coaching, growth management, financial planning, business development, educational market research and analytics, development, strategic planning and execution, and talent recruitment.

Aaron Harris

Consultant – Special Education

Allison Gray

Consultant – Research, Operations, & Talent Solutions

Anja Scharber

Managing Consultant – HR & Talent Solutions

Benjamin Lindquist

Executive Partner – Business Planning, School & Network Growth

Cody Bendix

Managing Consultant – Business Planning, School & Network Growth

Courtney Gunn

Consultant – Operations

Daniel Pyke

Consultant – Financial Analysis

David Denton

Managing Consultant – Team Health, Operations, & Talent Solutions

Erik Twist

Principal Partner & President

Grace Liffrig

Associate Consultant, Talent Solutions

Jeremy Beer

Partner & Co-Founder

Katie Julian

Consultant – Operations & HR

Lauren Grudem

Consultant – Operations & HR

Mary Frances Jefferies


Morganne Shelley

Management Consultant

Richard Wrona

Consultant – School Security

Sam McClelland

Consultant – Writing, Research, & Talent Solutions

Whitney Marsh

Consultant – Governance & Compliance

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Peter Drucker

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