Business Planning

Talent Solutions

In a school, the people we hire are the highest expression of our promise to families. It doesn’t matter how good your curriculum or planning is if you’re not attracting, training, and retaining talented leaders, teachers, and administrators. Arcadia helps you build clear and effective structures for attracting, interviewing, hiring, and resourcing talent—and for supporting, reviewing, and holding colleagues accountable.

Our Principal Offerings

Teacher Recruitment

Arcadia provides the very best in recruitment for charter, Christian, Catholic, and classical schools and organizations. We bring best-in-class recruitment methods for sourcing, screening, and hiring teachers. With Arcadia, you’ll have the support you need to ensure your school or organization is finding top talent who culturally align with your mission and values.

Executive Searches & Selection

Arcadia’s executive search and selection service applies a sophisticated, targeted approach to identifying and attracting individuals whose vision, skills, and temperament are attuned to the unique aspirations of your educational community.

Recruitment Process Design & Technology Integration

Arcadia’s recruitment process design service establishes standardized recruitment processes, guidelines, and tools to align your recruitment strategies with your school’s mission. Arcadia helps craft a comprehensive, step-by-step recruitment strategy that encompasses the full life cycle of talent acquisition, from sourcing and screening to onboarding. With our technology integration service, Arcadia meticulously aligns digital tools with your school’s needs and its culture.

Retention Strategies

Arcadia’s retention strategies service endeavors not merely to retain staff but to elevate their sense of purpose and belonging. This service is designed to ensure that your staff—your most critical asset—feel valued, engaged, and aligned with your educational philosophy, thereby reducing turnover and building a lasting legacy. We craft a comprehensive strategy that addresses various dimensions of job satisfaction, including professional growth, work-life balance, and community building.

Succession Planning

What happens when a veteran executive steps down? Arcadia can help you determine how best to facilitate leadership succession, attract new executive talent, and groom your institution’s maturing management for long-term sustainability and excellence.

Interview Framework

A structured yet flexible framework for conducting interviews, ensuring consistency and thoroughness in evaluating candidates.

Cultural Fit Evaluation

Specific methods and metrics for assessing how well a candidate’s values and behaviors align with your institution’s culture.

Reference Checks

A standardized procedure for contacting and evaluating candidate references, including specific questions aimed at assessing alignment with your school’s mission.

Background Checks

A reliable and compliant process for executing all legally-required background checks and verifications.

Candidate Assessment Tools

Custom-designed assessment activities and scoring guides that not only gauge the skills of candidates but also their alignment with your institution’s unique educational approach.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring all selection and assessment methods conform to local, state, and federal laws, protecting your institution from legal risks.

Offer Package Design

Development of compelling offer packages that incorporate not only competitive salaries but also benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, and allowances, all aligned with your school’s mission and goals.

Onboarding Integration

A smooth transition plan for integrating new hires into existing onboarding and professional development processes, ensuring quick adaptation and orientation.

Resource Allocation for New Hires

Ensuring all necessary resources, from workspace to technology, are arranged prior to the new hire’s arrival.

Training Modules

Customized training programs designed to align new hires with institutional methods, philosophies, and procedures.

Through these principal offerings, Arcadia Education helps elevate the act of hiring from a perfunctory task to a mission-aligned endeavor, imbuing the process with the rigor and values that characterize your educational community. With Arcadia, you can shape a comprehensive approach to faculty and staff recruitment and management that aligns to your mission and promotes greater joy and better retention.