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Team Health

Team health, the heartbeat of any thriving institution, an unseen yet vital force, sustains and propels a team toward excellence. Arcadia Education recognizes this and offers a suite of services designed to cultivate robust organizational well-being. From foundational frameworks that reinforce the core of team dynamics, to nuanced strategies ensuring clear communication and alignment, our approach to team health is both comprehensive and tailored. We delve deep into the diagnostics of team functionality, applying the wisdom of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group. By integrating robust policy governance and conflict resolution mechanisms alongside personalized leadership communication coaching, Arcadia stands committed to nurturing your team’s health so that it reflects the strength and integrity of your institution’s mission and values.

Our Principal Offerings

Foundational Frameworks – The Lencioni Pillars

Organizational health, like the stability of the buildings designed by classical architects, rests on fundamental principles. Arcadia’s foundational frameworks service, rooted in Pat Lencioni’s seminal models and fortified by our CAPA Pro certification, serves as your cornerstone for team health. Through the lens of these foundational frameworks, Arcadia guides your leadership team in harmonizing individual strengths and collective goals, fostering an institutional culture that doesn’t merely function, but flourishes.

Leadership & Board Alignment

As a helmsman steers a ship through turbulent waters, the rudder must be in alignment to keep the course true. In education, the alignment between leadership and the board of directors serves as the rudder to your ship, guiding your institution on its mission toward its intended purpose. Arcadia’s leadership and board alignment service ensures that your leadership and board operate in harmony, guided by best practices honed over years of experience.


Communication Strategies

Clear and consistent communication is the keystone allowing the disparate elements of your organization to come together and perform with excellence. Arcadia’s communication strategies service fine-tunes the internal dialogues within your team, fostering an environment of open, honest feedback and unified action.

Lencioni Pillars

Understanding the 4 Disciplines of a Healthy Organization

Introduce and integrate the four disciplines critical to organizational health. Expect to discuss building a cohesive leadership team, creating organizational clarity, and reinforcing that clarity.

Navigating the 5 Dysfunctions Framework

Assess team health, identifying the five common dysfunctions that plague organizations and developing actionable plans to address them.

Answering the 6 Critical Questions

Engage your leadership in answering six critical questions that help define your organization’s mission, behavioral values, and focus.

Implementing the Working Genius Model

Utilize this model to understand the natural talents and working styles of team members, and design their roles such that their talents can be fully actualized.

Leadership-Board Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation, including surveys and interviews, to determine the current state of alignment between leadership and board members.

Policy Governance Model Introduction

Introduce and integrate best practices from the Policy Governance® model to create an efficient, balanced, healthy, and accountable governance structure.

Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

Tools and techniques for navigating disagreements or misalignments, ensuring that conflicts are addressed in a healthy, productive manner.

Leadership Communication Coaching

Specialized coaching for leadership in communication practices that enhance transparency, trust, and team cohesion.

Leadership team health sets an organization’s tone—for better or for worse. Through these principal offerings, Arcadia helps you build a leadership team founded on trust, healthy conflict, and shared results. We’ll enable your team to achieve greater focus, clarity, and accountability.