Business Planning

Market research and due diligence

An increasing number of choice-driven K–12 institutions are seeking to grow, scale, open new schools or serve communities with unmet needs. We help these institutions by providing market research, due diligence, and qualification of new markets for entry.

Enhanced value proposition

Projecting clear brand identity and values through social media and other mediums is more important than ever. We help education innovative education institutions refine the value proposition they offer—in the form of in-person, online, and hybrid experiences—so that they can position themselves to persuasively appeal to prospective employees, families, donors, and stakeholders.

New capabilities

Innovative providers are entering the K12 sector with a wide variety of new services and platform offerings, from new platforms for quality online delivery of learning to pioneering methods for helping students with specialized access needs. Arcadia helps clients enter new arrangements that meet their mission and vision imperatives.