Talent management

Schools only accomplish great things with the right people in place. We assist with every aspect of people management, helping you build clear and effective structures for attracting, interviewing, hiring, and resourcing talent, to supporting, reviewing, and holding colleagues accountable.  We help leaders shape a comprehensive approach to faculty and staff management that is deeply aligned to their missions and promotes greater joy and better retention.

Leadership succession

The education landscape is changing rapidly as a cross-section of veteran executive administrators are retiring from public and private institutions alike. We help leaders determine how best to facilitate leadership succession, attract new executive talent, and groom their institutions’ maturing management for long-term sustainability and excellence.

Expertise & efficiencies

The most successful education institutions are reducing back-office expenses by securing new provider arrangements to obtain services in such core areas as finance, compliance, operations, HR/payroll, curriculum, and professional development. Instead of remaining locked into costly legacy arrangements, they are streamlining administration so that they can allocate greater resources towards teaching-and-learning excellence. Arcadia provides these services for less than it would cost to provide them in-house without sacrificing quality.

Governance & Compliance

We provide comprehensive governance and compliance support to enhance decision-making processes, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote accountability and transparency. Our extensive services cover policy development, board training, stakeholder engagement, risk management, and compliance monitoring. By working together with our clients, we strive to establish robust governance structures and effective compliance frameworks that drive sustainable growth and uphold institutional integrity.