Grace Liffrig

Associate Consultant, Talent Solutions

For the past year since coming to Arcadia, Grace Liffrig has been leading outreach to higher education institutions and para-university ministry programs to source talent for teaching and administrative positions at K12 schools. Before joining Arcadia, she spent two years in various professional fields including insurance, finance, and nonprofit work for the Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico. Grace holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religion from Hillsdale College. As part of her undergraduate experience, Grace was privileged to work for Hillsdale’s External Affairs department, frequently traveling to engage donors and assist with facilitating National Leadership Seminars, Free Market forums, and other special events. As such, she brings distinguished professional experience in donor engagement and event planning, teaching, client services administration, and consulting. During her undergraduate studies, she lived in Southern Switzerland and worked for the American School’s Middle School Fine Arts program. Grace lives in Lincoln, NE with her husband Peter.

“An organization has to institutionalize its culture without bureaucratizing it.”

Patrick Lencioni