Katie Julian

Consultant – Operations & HR

Katie brings 14 years of experience as an educator and school administrator. As the founding assistant headmaster of a classical school, she has crafted school policies and procedures from the ground up, contributing to every domain of establishing and running a school. In her time with Great Hearts Academies, the largest classical charter network in the country, she has also served in various other roles, including classroom teacher, curricular expert, new faculty trainer, and Interim Headmaster. Katie has worked with The New Teacher Project evaluating teachers and with Arizona Teaching Fellows providing intensive coaching to teachers seeking an Arizona teaching license.

Katie is an Arizona native. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Gonzaga University and a master’s degree in elementary education from Arizona State University. Katie and her husband, Alex, find their greatest joy in the raising and educating of their 4 children.

“An organization has to institutionalize its culture without bureaucratizing it.”

Patrick Lencioni