Morganne Shelley

Management Consultant

As a former co-owner and operator of a private business in Canada, Morganne Shelley has over a decade of experience in business operations and administration. Alongside her entrepreneurial career, she has a passion for education with a particular focus on Fine Arts. An artist (painter) herself, she has conveyed her enthusiasm for creativity in both formal classroom and community settings. Morganne designed unique art programs teaching employment and life skills through art for individuals recovering from mental illness and applied art therapy as a volunteer for many years at a large children’s hospital. Morganne holds a BFA in painting and recently graduated with an MA in Arts Education from Arizona State University. With her background in the professional, pedagogical, and artistic worlds, Morganne brings a unique combination of practical and creative talents in commitment to fulfilling Arcadia Education’s mission—work that she believes to be of great importance today.

“An organization has to institutionalize its culture without bureaucratizing it.”

Patrick Lencioni